Should We Elect Our Senators

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Should We Elect Are Senators? Why should decisions involving Canadians be made by people who are not elected by Canadians? If people will be making decisions for our country at least Canadians should be allowed to elect the people they choose to make all these choices for. I believe that any group of leaders should be chosen by the people not the prime minster. We should elect our senators. Twelve years ago, Stephen Harper said that the senate should be equally effective and elected. He said that if he was elected as prime minister, he would make sure this would happen. He has been prime minister for 8 an half years. Has he changed the senate? No! He has done nothing to change the way that the 105 senators are chosen. Do the people of Canada elect their senators? No! They are appointed chosen by guess who the govern general who appoints senators based on Harpers choices. Elected senators would demand corresponding power and responsibility to go along with their new status and also unelected senators render judgment without being influenced by anyone (thechronicle). Reformed Senate could be used to overcome the chronic inability of the House of Commons to reflect the diversity of the Canadian people. Having our senators being reformed would also help create a diverse and a representative body. Senators better capture, and express ( Senators should be elected after a reform; they are able to devote more time to committee work. Therefore, having senators reform and chosen by Canadians is a good thing, because we want the people who are going to be the ones making decisions for us also be part of our country as well, and it’s also a great way to keep our country diverse and responsible. Why stop something that is been carrying on for a long time, and break tradition? Senators have been around for a while, and without them it is breaking tradition. Having
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