should we define normality

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SHOULD WE DEFINE NORMALITY How effectively do communities care for people with special physical and/or intellectual and/or social needs? Every day there are children born with some kind of disability, weather or not it is physical or intellectual or a social disability. Every second there are five babies born but two – three die every second and the remaining 35% of the surviving babies have a disability. People with social disabilities can also be referred to as emos or people with mild retardation. Many people try to avoid coming into conversation with these people as it can be a very different and new experience dealing with someone that doesn’t really know how a normal person would construct a convosation. All these people really need is to have some friends that will listen to them and talk to them whilst spending time with them. There are many cases of this and it is quite sad because in some cases the parents punish them for not acting like a normal person which makes the disabled person think they are not to speak to anyone because they are afraid of doing something wrong. People with intellectual disabillities are not very different from those with social disabilities as they both require the same ammount of attension sometimes needing a carer for seven or more hours a day depending on how sevear the disability is. People with physical disabilities are quite tragic as lots of the time they cannot communicate or learn to walk. Unless it is an injury related disability such as quadraplegic or paraplegic. In some of the documentarys we watched there was a man that lead a happy life untill he was sevearly disabled from a serious asthma attack and that showed us just how easily a disability can fall upon us. Carers are a huge money saver when it comes to the government as it costs a lot of money to dish out money benefiets to families that care for
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