Should the Experience of China Silence Those Who Think That Democracy Is Good for Growth?

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According to the International Monetary Fund, China has the world’s second largest economy with a value of the countries Gross Domestic Product at around $8 trillion. The countries economic growth over the past two decades has been astonishing and has made China into a super power in the world. Most products you find in England, whether a computer mouse to a hair dryer, most things come from China which has meant their economy grows at around 10% each year which is a huge amount for a country of its size. Some people feel that Chinas success is due to the single-party socialist state which allows them to fully maximise growth. This has lead to some people suggesting that democracy actually hinders a growth of a nation. China’s political system is changing and being updated into for 21st century needs. A democratic government is where the people rule themselves, or at the very least have a large political voice and can bring issues onto the political agenda. However in China this is not the case as a communist party runs the state. Although the party is a lot more relaxed then other communist such as the Stalin government in the Soviet Union, it still owns industries such as the energy sector and various important sectors which contribute to the countries economy. The figures don’t lie, they clearly state that China is growing at a very rapid as a global super power. The main reason why the countries political system has lead to economic growth is due to the ability to exploit the workforce of China. China has a population of around 1.344 billion which means that millions of jobs are required to keep the country moving. Around 937.27 million people work in China which is a huge amount and manly due to the countries democracy system. Their ability to employ so many people is due to the low minimum wage in the country which officially stands at US$0.80 per

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