Cultural Analysis of China

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Cultural Analysis of China Student’s Name Institution Cultural analysis of China China is a country located in East of the Asian continent. It is officially referred to as the people’s republic of china. The country covers a land area of around 9.6 million kilometers squared, making it the second largest country in terms of land area. It is second to Russia, which straddles across two continents of Asia and Europe. Beijing city is the country’s capital. It is the centre of administration and its major business hub. Politically, a single party known as the Communist Party of China governs the country. China has risen economically in the past few years to become the second largest economies in the world. The United States of America is the world’s leading g economy. The country’s economy is also ranked as the fastest growing in the world courtesy of economic reforms introduced in the country in the year 1978. It has risen also to become the second largest importer of goods, and it is also recognized as the largest exporter of goods. China’s huge population has been quite instrumental in growing its economy. The population provides the much needed labor force that has propelled the country’s industrial and agricultural sector to great heights of productivity. China’s population is the largest in the world. As per mid-2011, the country had a population of over 1.3 billion people (Rosenberg, 2011). This is a 20% representation of the World’s total population because the world population is estimated to be around 6.7 billion. Besides providing labor for industries, the large Chinese population forms a ready market for goods and services. The Chinese government, found the rate of population growth alarming, which was the reason for the introduction of the one child policy with effect from the year 1979

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