Should Schools Support Individuality or Conformity

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Prompt #1 In order to understand how to function as a member of society, it is essential to know how to function as an individual. Public schools across America teach the importance of conformity as a way of life, a lesson that discourages independence and encourages reliance on others. Public schools need to support individuality in order to produce a world with inhabitants know how to properly enter and be part of it. The public school system is designed to prepare students for the outside world. It can be argued that a certain amount of conformity is required in order to be an active member of society. Source D makes that point, stating that “you cannot have a democratic- indeed, civilized- community life unless people have learned to participate in a disciplined way as a part of a group.” However, gaining the skills to behave in a group setting is not synonymous with the loss of individuality. In fact, individuality is a key part of living life beyond high school. The bell schedule in source B is a good example of how conformity can hinder the personal growth of students in public schools. Students attending the high school begin their day, every day, at exactly 8:16 am and are expected to attend “Period 1, Period 2, Period 3… etc.” until they end their day at 3:01. Therefore, there is no need for students to learn how to manage their time because their day has already been planned out for them. The conformity of high school prevents students from becoming independent and prepared for life after they graduate. In addition to hindering students’ knowledge of the outside world, the conformity of public school can also hinder the speed at which they enter it. I have experienced this first-hand. I am a junior in high school and, unlike many of my peers, I know what I want to do with my life after graduation. I am planning on going to art school and majoring in
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