Should People Be Able to Have Exotic Pets Like Chimpanzees or Tigers?

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Should people be able to have exotic pets like Chimpanzees or Tigers? Some people say that having an exotic pet helps them to learn more about wild animals, and they do not have to be dangerous, and people would get bored with regular pets then exotic animals. Others think that people should not keep exotic animals, because they are too dangerous even if people trained them. People can control the animals when the animal is a new born, for example, a trainer can train a baby tiger, but the baby tiger will not get used to it until it grows up. The wild animals will always be wild even though people raised them or kept them in their house. After considering both sides of issues, I strongly believe that people can not keep exotic animals in their houses, because the wild animals has their own houses, their own family, and the can be free in the wild without being controlled. An exotic animal is a rare pet, it is a wild species not typically kept as a pet. But nowadays, people around the world keep tigers as cats and kangaroos as rabbits in edition that they will learn from keeping the animals in their houses. Austin Setzer (2012) suggests before getting an exotic critter, people can look them on the computer or in a book. It would help if the person knows what the animal likes to play with. It also helps the trainer or the keeper to have food and know what they eat. Find out how bug they will get, so the keeper would know. Stzer added, “What if the animal has a gigantic cage and doesn’t bite you?” Back in 2011, Jasim Al Hosani, a Kuwaiti TV interviewer went to visit Foaad Apple, 53, the most famous tigers keeper in Kuwait. Jasim asked Foaad about this hobby and when it started? Is it dangerous or not? Is it safe? And what is his advice to the new keepers? “It started back in 1992 when i felt like it is my thing to do, even though my children did not get used to it

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