Shooting an Elephant

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------------------------------------------------- Shooting on behalf of the Imperialism Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant” December 31, 2013 ALİ DİKBAŞ BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY December 31, 2013 ALİ DİKBAŞ BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY Shooting on behalf of the Imperialism In world history, exploiting the others has always been the result of being in fond of richness. This desire appeared in the first tribes in Anatolia and Mesopotamia where the very first wars between societies broke out. Nevertheless, over the last five centuries, exploiting the others has been called “imperialism”. Imperialism has been perceived as a ruling system, so each state trying to challenge the others has become a slave of imperialism, which is not a ruling system but a bad side of sovereign. Throughout the imperialism history, its rules and strategies have changed but the only thing that has not changed is the desire of making more money. The British Empire was one of the imperialistic powers, maybe the best one among them. British Empire was fulfilling properly being an imperialistic power. In the story of Orwell “Shooting an Elephant”, it is mentioned that a British officer lives among Burmese people and they do not like him. Nevertheless, all that is mentioned in the story is narrated by Orwell’s perspective. Orwell is normally known as an anti-imperialist writer but in the story, he makes us feel in different way because of his manner against native people who are exploited by Orwell’s country. Moreover, Orwell truly worked as an officer in Burma but he wrote the story as an older author. Because of the fact that he served Indian Imperial Police in Burma, his writings about colonialism have intense emotions and knowledge but surely not about colonized people’s pains. Selfishness can easily be felt in “Shooting an Elephant”. His perspective is not weird because imperialism requires

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