Only Elephants Need Apply

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The essays I read presented different perspectives on the morality of keeping animals in captivity. The first essay “Only Elephants Need Apply” by Stu Bykofsky, talked about how logging was stopped, which left the owners and elephants jobless. The owners were responsible for providing their elephants with about 500 pounds of food a day with no source of income. The workers chose a practical path, even though it was sad. Many of the owners took their elephants to the crowded capital, Bangkok. Bangkok had crowded streets and high population. The elephants had to work the streets being overworked. Street life was not good for elephants. There were some people who wanted to help save the elephants from street life. The second essay I read was “Whales R Us” by Jayme Stayer. Jayme’s attitude is very negative in this essay compared to Bykofsky’s attitude, which has a positive attitude. Jayme believes that the tourists were here at sea world to learn educational things about animals but really were not getting the correct information. Sea World, according to Stayer, was just too noisy, and the employees needed to be more informed about what they were telling the tourists. However he thinks it would’ve been better for them to save their money, stay home, and watch television than to spend their money on noise, and non-correct information. In “Only Elephants Need Apply” the elephants interacted with the tourist. The elephants give the tourist rides on their backs, and they allowed the tourist to pet them. The elephants are treated great at the Golden Triangle Resort, in Thailand. The Resort is very clean and healthy for man and beast. Bykofsky attitude towards the way the elephants are treated is that he feels like it is purely commercial, but ethical. Bykofsky feels like it’s not helping the long term problem. Bykofsky believes that the elephants at the resort are being

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