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Haruki Murakami Hariku Murakami is a highly acclaimed Japanese author who hailed from the Japan’s major city, Tokyo. And as such, he chose the glowing city capital to be the main setting of his two short stories, “The Elephant Vanishes” and “Second Bakery Attack” (Kattoulas 2002). On a personal level, in story the “The Elephant Vanishes,” Murakami characterizes how our lives, and the world in general for that matter, are full of acute possibilities – both in the most surreal and very ordinary way. Most of the time, we are looking for definite explanations and solutions to personal dilemmas that on a certain viewpoint, seem to be impossible to surmount. In the story, an elephant as big as a bungalow was able to vanish into thin air without a trace. And that only goes to show that doing anything else simpler than an elephant escaping from a highly secure captivity is possible. The elephant in the story portrays one of many things. It could be our sufferings, difficulties, and pressures. And in analogy with the elephant vanishing, we would come to know that all the difficulties in our life will their corresponding solutions. People just can’t see these solutions because they refuse to believe in those windows of possibility. Underneath “The Elephant Vanishes”, is a story of hope and optimism. It is a story that indirectly teaches its readers that no matter how impossible a certain task is, at some point it could be made real - and that it could happen in the most unexpected way. On a social level, “The Elephant Vanishes” depicts Tokyo as a highly urban community wherein zoos were being replaced by high-rise condominiums (Rubin 238). And consequently, government activists don’t see the significance of elephants and animals – much more if they are supposed to be owned, fed, and taken cared of by the town. Animals used to be man’s friends, but since the

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