Shooting an Elephant

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Opgave 2.1 Shooting an Elephant Shooting an Elephant is an essay written by George Norwell in 1936. The text is written for the generally audience which like reading a good story. The author wants to make the text livelier and that is why he uses figurative language. He also uses common everyday language so the text is easier to read for the big audience. When you read the essay it is clear that it describes the experience of an English police officer that is very unpopular in the city of Burma. He hates his job very much because of all the locals. He is a white man living in a city where the Britain’s conquered in the earlier years. This English narrator could maybe be George Norwell himself. But one day he is called out by another police officer in the town, because there is an aggressive elephant loose in the city. He starts walk true the city streets to find the elephant but as he walks he started thinking about what he would do when he finds the elephant, because the locals expect him to do the job, which is to shot the elephant. There is a law in Burma fore these sorts of situations. If you can’t control your animal it is in the right of the police to shot it. But this is not what he would prefer to do. After he finds the big elephant he have gather a big audience of the locals that all are excited to see what he is going to do. He can feel that they would like him to shot the animal and he also starts to think that this could be an opportunity for him to get some popularity among the locals. So he decides to use all his bullets to shot the elephant, but the big animal is still not dead. This results in that the elephant gets a slow and very painful death. The police officer still, did not get that popularity as he was hoping for. If you look back at what happened in Burma before the essay was written, you could say that the story is a kind of a
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