The Lowest Animal By Isak Dinesen Analysis

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Reading Response 5 Isak Dinesen shoots an iguana with the intention of using the skin for aesthetic beauty. She fails to understand the reality of what she is trying to do. I feel the unequal distribution of power between the gun and the iguana may represent humanity's domination over animals. Dinesen alludes to the negative impact of humans on planet earth and our parasitic nature when she quotes a saying of a hero in a book she had read as a child: "I have conquered them all, but I am standing amongst graves" (73). My own experience in "shooting an iguana" involves hunting and capturing sand crabs. Watching the surface of the shoreline for air holes, I would dig into the sand capturing crabs. I begged my parents to let me take the crabs home, but they explained to me the importance of natural habitat and the very realistic possibility that the transfer of the sand crabs to my home would kill them. George Orwell is a policeman in the town of Moulmein in Lower Burma. After a rampant elephant kills a man, Orwell is in a position where he feels he has to kill the elephant. George Orwell does not want to shoot the elephant, yet the circumstance drives him to it. If I were in his position, I would not have given in to…show more content…
This statement opposes Darwin’s theory that we have ascended from our animal counter parts. I feel Mark Twain addresses a matter of morality. He does not use a valid scientific process to categorize humans and animals into a timeline of evolution. Throughout his piece, he talks in a satirical manner, claiming that he has taught animals to be friends in a cage with one another, yet when humans are put in the same cage with one another, they tear each other apart. I feel that his examples, although he claims his experiments follow the scientific method, are humorous and his evidence is not compelling in regards to a scientifically sound

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