Native Son Essay

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Bigger Thomas's experience in Native Son by Richard Wright is representative of the effects of the oppression of Black people in the 1930's. One of the effects of oppression is fear and that drives a lot of Bigger's action in the novel. Through the use of symbolism Wright communicates the theme of fear is in this book. The three most important symbols are Mrs. Dalton's blindness, the rat, and the furnace. All of these symbols show how the oppression of Black people has brought fear into their lives. Mrs. Dalton being blind played a big role in Mary's death. Because she couldn't see Bigger while he was in Mary's room he felt like he was forced to smother her so he wouldn't be caught in that compromising position. Bigger's fear of being caught in Mary's room is ultimately what caused him to kill her. Had he been caught in Mary's bedroom he knew he would've been fired and perhaps arrested. On page 85 then author says “He wanted to move from the bed, but was afraid he would stumble over something and Mrs. Dalton would hear him, would know that someone besides Mary was in the room.” Bigger was so afraid of being caught in Mary’s room that he wouldn’t even move. Bigger, a Black man, being caught in a young White woman’s bedroom would have caused more commotion than he had bargained for. On page 87 the author says “He had killed a white woman” Not only had Bigger killed someone but he had killed a white person. Society already doesn’t favor Black men so the fact that he had taken the life of a white woman put even more fear into him than any other murder he could have committed. Had Mrs. Dalton been able to see and caught Bigger in Mary’s room Mary couldve been saved. When a group of people are oppressed ne of the effects is that they become afraid of the oppressor and Bigger’s fear ultimately lead to Mary’s death. The rat that is was in the Thomas family’s apartment in
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