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shipping bill Definition Customs document used where drawback is claimed, such as on goods exported or on dutiable goods transshipped or re-exported from a bonded warehouse. It serves basically as a statistical record. Shipping Bill is a mandatory document for export of any goods out of India.It is only on the basis of it ; you get all the export incentives including drawback/DEPB & other benefits. Your CHA-clearing agent prepares it on your behalf and files with Customs.After export Customs gives Export promotion Copy to your agent giving all the details of flight No. & EGM. A shipping bill for exports. A shipping bill, usually called Bill of Lading (B/L) is issued by the shipping agent and represents some kind of certificate for all parties, included ship's owner, seller, buyer and some other parties. For each one represents a kind of certificate document. For the ship's owner and his/her representant (the master's vessel) the responsability of take the goods from one place to another. For the seller the documentary prove that the merchandise was shipped in certain vessel, in certain conditions and consignee to certain buyer. Including the merchandise conditions, characteristics and quantity. For the buyer, the neccessary document for claim the merchandise. For the Shipping Agency at the port of arrival represents the only and unique document for continue the process of commerce, without the B/L, or with one missfilled the merchandise could be in risk of be "holded". There are more than one way when this can happen, also more than one way for solve that problem. As you can see more than one party is involved in the preparation of the B/L, especially in the correct info filling, but the only one who can issue a B/L is the Shipping Ag. Other parties envolved may be, custom authorities, custom brokers and companies that hanlde the

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