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Good morning/good afternoon guys, I am Frank Darabont, the director of "The Shawshank Redemption” as you all know. Thank you for having me today; it’s a pleasure to talk to you guys about my film. I have been asked to address your group of aspiring film directors explaining to you why my film has been so well received by audiences despite the fact it didn't succeed at the box office. Today I will be addressing some of the ideas/the main idea in the film and techniques to represent them. Some of the main ideas/the main idea I have explored and developed throughout the film include/is hope, friendship, sympathy with help of various film techniques I have included such as different camera shots and angles, lighting, sound, and mise en scene. The main characters such as Andy Dufresne displayed as the mythic hero and Red being the guide through the film and the other minor characters have also assisted to represent them. The idea I will start to speak about is hope/ Hope is the main idea throughout my film. This is one of the reasons my film is so popular and well-received. It explores this universal theme by presenting characters at the lowest points in their lives and showing that it is worthwhile hoping for things to change. The main scenes that display hope are "The Andy and the Sisters" scene and "The Roof Top Tarring" scene. These two sequences demonstrate this through contrast. We go from seeing Andy at his lowest, to seeing how things can change for the better through quick thinking and taking the opportunity. In the "The Andy and the Sisters" scene, it shows Andy at his lowest of the contrast. I used low key and side lighting in the first rape scene to create a mood of suspicion and mystery. Reds tone of the voice over narration reinforces how bad life has become, "I wish I could tell you Andy fought the good fight... But prison is no

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