The Relevance Of History To Photojournalism And Film Essay

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The Relevance of History to Photojournalism and Film My current interests so far in college have been History, Communications, and Film. I have not decided which field I will major in yet. Some possible careers that interest me are photojournalist and/or documentary filmmaker. These careers would give me an opportunity to continue exploring my main interests. As I have worked on different projects in my communications courses, and studied different types of films, I have come to realize how important and useful a general knowledge of history is. The more I have learned in my history courses, the more informed my other work is. A general knowledge of history is essential in understanding current events and the current world situation. My goal as a photojournalist would be to collect information by taking photographs that tell a newsworthy story. This job would provide good opportunities to travel and experience other cultures. The skills I would need to be a successful photojournalist would be the ability to find contacts and make connections in the regions I visit. I would also need communication and language skills in order to coordinate with local contacts and to get the information needed for my stories. While studying film this semester I have become very interested in documentary filmmaking. A good example of a person who has combined the skills and abilities of a filmmaker with a background in history is Ken Burns. As a documentary filmmaker, he has pioneered the use of archival material and still photographs in historical documentary films. With this technique, he has made history very accessible to a broad audience. Along with archival material, he also uses interviews with experts on the time period. These interviews help to make the history come alive. In order to accomplish what he did in his films, Ken Burns and his staff had to have the

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