Shakespeare Controversy Outline

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Shakespeare Student’s Name Course Title Tutor’s Name Date of submission Outline I). Introduction a) Shakespeare’s life b) Doubts arising from his work II). Identity of Shakespeare a) Lack of evidence b) Different spellings of Shakespeare’s name c) Questions concerning the true authorship a) Disconnect in Shakespeare’s life and his works IV). Shakespeare’s role in literature a) Impact on the society b) Role model to upcoming writers V). Conclusion a) Prominent writer b) A genius c) No history d) Relevance of his works Shakespeare William Shakespeare is a renown writer who is remembered for his great oratory and writing genius (Ngulu 12). Indeed, his works has been shrouded in mystery as many people wonder whether he wrote all the lays and drama, or whether several authors were responsible for the write-ups. This controversy has led to many theories about the authorship of all the works attributed to Shakespeare. Many people argue that if indeed Shakespeare were the one who wrote all the works that bear his name, he would have written…show more content…
According to “Shakespeare displays a lot of knowledge in many fields of life such as music, medicine, philosophy, law, etiquette and manners, art and astronomy” Accordingly, they argues that this it is not possible for one person to display such talent in diverse fields. Moreover, they argue that Shakespeare was from a humble background and did not attend any school as to attain such knowledge. Although this might true, the critics do not find any compelling evidence as to who wrote the works and why they used the name of Shakespeare. In addition, if the real author did not want to be known, then why did he or she use the name of a well-learned person other that Shakespeare (Ngulu
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