Sexual Response Cycle Paper

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The Sexual Response Cycle Tammy Rourke PSY/210 March 17, 2012 Deb Maison 2. The four phases of the sexual response cycles include the excitement phase, the plateau phase, the orgasmic phase, and the resolution phase. Both men and women experience each sexual response cycle phase although differently. Sexual dysfunctions can occur and cause problems in the four phases. Sexual dysfunctions can cause sexual frustration in the four phases an inability to experience the four phases. Sexual dysfunctions can be discuss with your physician or psychologist and treated with therapy or medication. The excitement phase occurs from vasocongestion, the swelling of tissue due to increased flow of blood, which causes an erection in men as…show more content…
Biological causes include lack of hormones or testosterone in men. Diabetes attacks the blood vessels and nerves reducing erection because not enough blood can flow to the penis. Obesity, high cholesterol, and plaque in the arteries play a part of erectile dysfunction. Fatigue, depression, drugs, alcohol reduces the desire for sexual activity in both men and women. Heart disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and medications affect orgasmic functions and men women. When it is painful to have sex a man should contact the urologists, and a woman should contact the gynecologists to test for STDs, allergic reaction to birth control or any other problem which might cause pain (Nevid, & Rathus,…show more content…
Physicians treat sexual dysfunctions in males and females using testosterone therapy in men and women. This therapy does help increase the desire for sexual activity in some cases. Viagra is used for men and usually is successful, the results of Viagra for women has not been as successful as for men (Nevid, & Rathus, 2005). As discussed before phases of sexual response cycle are excitement phase, plateau phase, the orgasmic phase, and the resolution phase. Each of these phases plays an important part of a healthy sexual relationship. These phases inform us of how the body works to reach their physical peak for a healthy sexual experience. Sexual dysfunctions can devastate a relationship and paralyze a person to the point where they cannot perform. Therapists and doctors have found treatments to help couples engage and overcome these

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