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Nicole Benokratis, author of Marriages and Families (Changes, Choices and Constraints) seventh edition discuss many aspects of sexuality in chapter seven. She begins the charter with sexuality and human development. She states "Sexuality is more complex than just physical contact. Among other things, it is the product of out sexual scripts". (Benokraitis, 2011 pg166). Benokratis, also states that one's culture shapes their sexual development, attitudes and action. Majority of people, depending on their society and culture, receives their information whether it is right or wrong, from their parents, peers and media. Most people would agree that when it comes to sex, males and females have two things in common pleasure and procreation. Males and females have differences when it comes to sexual energy. For example, men have a higher sex drive, they masturbate more, and they have with different partners. Men like to try different positions and they are creative with sex. Women's sexual energy is longer and stronger. Sometimes it takes women longer to experience sexual pleasure. They have longer and multiple orgasms, and experience longer muscle contractions. In addition, women emotions and feelings are more involved than men are, whereas men are focus on performance and pleasing. According to the text, Infidelity can be emotional and well as physical. In both instances, infidelity is damaging to married and unmarried relationships because of the secrecy and lust it involves. Some studies that the reason why men and women unfaithful to their partners is for the thrill of getting away with it. These actions are part of sexual behavior. For some men and women sex is important, spiritual, mental and emotional as personal. Human Sexuality has several components, sexual identity (the way a male or female express their sexual beliefs, values, attitudes, and feelings).

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