Sexism In The Crucible

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Sexism Sexism caused a lot of problems in history. For example during the industrial revolution women are prevented to have a job that is paid equally as a man does although they do more work than a men does, and this lead to women rights movement. In ancient China women were not allow to go out they couldn’t have a job all they do is stay at home and do housework. It’s not really because their religion didn’t allow them. It’s because Chinese people think after women get married they will live with their husband and they will become a part of the other family. So women never had rights in their family. It is actually the same thing going on in Salam. During Puritan times, Women do not have rights to express their feelings or do anything they want. They are lived in a high pressure life. That’s why at the beginning of the book The Crucible Abigail and her followers were…show more content…
Martha is superior to Giles. The women from The Crucible as a whole are smarter and for the most part more virtuous, except for Abigail, in this play. Elizabeth Proctor, the long suffering wife of John Proctor, the adulterer who cheated on his wife with Abigail while she worked as a servant in their home, is wrongly accused of witchcraft because of Abigail's continued desire to become Proctor’s wife. As for the men, in addition to Proctor's adultery, Reverend Parris, a man of God, is more interested in material possessions and his own glory and reputation than actually doing the work of the Lord. He is a phony, as is Thomas Putnam, whose chief goal in the play is to purchase as much property as he can from the accused. He even goes so far as to have his daughter Ruth accuse George Jacobs, an old man, of witchcraft just so he can buy the land next to

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