Servant Leadership Essay

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What it means to be a Servant Leader What is a servant leader to me, a servant leader to me is someone who helps others grow in their life, to be a better person, better leader in their personal life and on their job. I feel we are all servant leaders, saved and unsaved. The only difference is, when we are not saved, we are servant leaders to our self, family and friends. We take care of our needs, our wants, then our family and friends. In the world we try to do less to get more, we would help others that only could help us move up in our job, or in our personal life. Then we would be servant leaders to our families and friends, but most of the time, we would make sure we were getting something else out of helping them succeed. As servant leader in the world, most of the time, we would help out a charity, or someone less fortunate, but we would make sure we told someone, so that way we would get the pat on the back, and they could see how great we are. But once you are in a GODLY church, and get saved, a Servant Leader takes on a whole different role. The only person we need to be like, as a servant leader is Jesus. He shows us how to lead by example in ( John 13:2-17). We need to listen, sit quietly with the Lord, to hear His plan, so we well be able to help others grow, in the Lord. We need empathy, people need to be accepted and recognized for their ideas and feelings. We need Awareness, of what you can change, for our- selfs and others to be a better servant leader. As we are servant leaders in the church, that means helping everyone out, not just the saint we know, and like. Jesus was a servant, before he was a leader, he helped out those who loved Him, and those who didn't. We need a balance and order , of leadership, like Jesus said in,(Mark10:35-41)&(Luke 22:25-30). A servant leader has mutual respect and love for one another, and is deeply

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