Self Awareness and Vilnurable Population

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Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness NUR 440 April 1, 2013 Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness In today’s society there are different types and topics of vulnerable populations and the self-awareness that goes along with them. Vulnerable population is often found to be a person capable of being physically or emotional wounded, open to attack or damage, (Merriam-Webster, 2013). According to De Chesnay (2012), “Vulnerable populations are those at risk for poor physical, psychological, or social health. Anyone can be vulnerable at any given point in time as a result of life circumstances or response to illness or events” (p. 4). In order to give good effective health care, the provider needs to be aware of your own vulnerability. This paper will discuss autism in children as a vulnerable population, the demographics of autism, personal awareness of autism, including attitudes, biases, stereotypes, personal attitude after gathering knowledge, and how the knowledge might affect health care delivery. Autism is a severe disorder that affects the function of the brain. It causes problems in such areas as social contact, intelligence, language, and speech impediments along with ritualistic or compulsive behaviors as well as different responses to the environment. Levy, Mandell & Schultz (2009) Autism spectrum is a neurological developmental disorder in the category of pervasive developmental disorder, and characterized by severe and pervasive impairment in reciprocal socialization, qualitative impairment in communication, and repetitive or unusual behaviors. Autism is a disorder that they will have for a lifetime. It interferes with the ability to understand what is seen, heard or touch, this can cause problems with a child behavior. The individuals living with this disorder requires special care and has special needs and medical conditions throughout
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