Seediq Bale and Kano

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Apply the question, “Why was this said in this way at this time?” to one or two media text(s) of your choice. Introduction Films that relate to history may usually be influenced by politics, public attitude or director’s aspects and so forth to some extent. Elements that have effect on movie plot become significantly important that public should reflect on in order not to be a passive receiver and fooled by propaganda. Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale and KANO, both depicting the history of Taiwan when it was Japan’s colony, are chosen to be analyzed in this essay to compare and contrast their similarities and differences. As a result of imperialism, Japan was eager to expand its power by occupying neighboring countries such as Taiwan (Clulow, 2010). After defeating Chinese navy in the First Sino-Japanese War at the end of nineteenth century, Japan finally replaced China and got the possession of Taiwan. Taiwanese were seriously exploited at that time. In particular, aborigines in Taiwan were bullied which is the main factor causing both armed and nonviolent resistances. Wushe Incident was one of the most considerable rebellions of the native. On the other hand, Japan were actively press ahead with the infrastructure development plan which modernized this small island. Additionally, disciplined Japanese brought about some positive changes such as the extraordinary performances of Taiwan’s KANO baseball team after Japanese training. These two films emphasize on diverse points of view regarding the Japanese rule phase which triggered some heated discussions. This essay will discuss the historical background, the purposes of films shooting and compare the different perspectives and attitudes towards the two Taiwanese blockbusters. The background of Two Movies Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq bale, a Taiwanese historical film adapting from the 1930

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