The True Pearl Harbor: Infamy Or Deceit

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The True Pearl Harbor: Infamy or Deceit During the time that World War II was going on the debate around the United States in the streets and in politics was should we get into it or not? Now some say that Pearl Harbor was actually let to happen in order to get the backing of the American public so we could take our mighty Armed Forces into battle. That we knew more information and just ignored it in order to have our way into the biggest tussle of the modern era. Why would our government sacrifice those lives of those men and women like that if they knew this information? Could they actually do something like this? This is an actual debate that historians have had for some time now, but I think only Washington, D.C. really truly knows…show more content…
P. Willmoot “Pearl Harbor” saw things from the sides of what most the public understands now and though about then. Even the United States had thought of a possibility of an attack. This is why they war game they different plans around the island. All of which would have them attack through the Northern pass and the Kaneohe side of the island along with through the Harbor itself. The Army was responsible for the defense of the island and was in a training status so the anti-aircraft guns were actual not up, and the ammunition put away because the people felt safer that way because it was there property back then. We also have a new set of radar equipment in the north, and the crew is not up to date. The air craft carriers are out to sea on a training run, and surveillance mission. This is just a really bad set up from the start. The troops and sailors are also told that they can sleep in the next morning. Something just really doesn’t sit well with this picture. Of course now we have the sirens going off and the planes are coming in because the radar station is told that what they picked up was the bomber squadron coming back. Only this is the first strike of two from the Japanese. It was exactly as was projected. Right through the northern pass and hitting Wheeler Airfield and taking out the airplanes there. They also hit Hickman Airfield on the run into Pearl Harbor crippling more planes as they started their attack from the skies on the fleet in the waters. The backside of the island at Kaneohe Bay was also hit on a second run. During these attacks the use of the shallow running torpedoes took the sailors by surprise for sure and the Battleships began to take damage the horror of the day just seemed to get more vivid. As crewmen scrambled for the anti-aircraft guns to try and defend their ships some as on the USS Arizona prepared for the worst day. Those top side jumped ship and the rest, 1,177

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