Sea Oak Essay

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Have you ever had a family member that demonstrated a high level of optimism in a form of Christianity beliefs, despite the dreadful situations one is encountering? George Sanders story “Sea Oak,” portrays a character (Aunt Bernie) as a god like figure following Christian principles. This is significant in the aspect of the lower working class, where life is lived pay check to pay check. My thesis will demonstrate the living conditions in which they live in; both nieces including the narrator not being able to be without Aunt Bernie’s idealistic views, and demonstrate how an innocent person like Aunt Bernie comes to realization that one must live to enjoy oneself. The apartment establishment is named, “Sea Oak,” it is ironic to actual living conditions in which Aunt Bernie and the family lives in and is going through. The place they live in is not what the name signifies, but rather the opposite of what the name implies. George Saunders provides a visual of their living conditions where he states, “ad hoc crack house in the laundry room and last week Min found some brass knuckles in the kiddie pool”(4). Between the gang violence, Sanders writes, “I hear a shot,” “troys walker got hit,” “we should be thankful” ( ). Aunt Bernie mentioned to be thankful that no one got shot, but a (toy duck’s face got shot). Aunt Bernie is optimistic towards their living environment where her actions are evident of a typical Christian views. Aunt Bernie states “At least we have a home. And at least none of them bullets actually hit nobody” (4). Her views on life are to be considerate that at least they have a roof over our heads. One should embrace life and be grateful for that one has. Their underprivileged living conditions are depicted in the household and the neighborhood where gang violence is just a mere minor problem as accepted through the “eyes” of Aunt Bernie.
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