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Film, Documentary and Drama Appreciation 2008-09 Sequence 3 on Scorched, a play by Wajdi Mouawad | |Stage 5 Drama Elective course NSW Curriculum | |Outcomes: | |The student will be assessed on: | |Outcome 5.3.1: A student responds to, reflects on and evaluates elements of drama, dramatic forms, performance styles, dramatic | |techniques and theatrical conventions. | |Outcome 5.3.2: A student analyses the contemporary and historical contexts of drama. | |Outcome 5.3.3: A student analyses and evaluates the contribution of individuals and groups to processes and performances in drama | |using relevant drama concepts and terminology. | Before seeing the play on Wednesday 27/08/08 1. Who is the playwright ? a) Search the Internet to find information on Wajdi Mouawad and write a summary in your own words. Born in Lebanon in 1968, Wajdi Mouawad had lived in France before immigrating to Québec. Educated at the National Theatre School of Canada, co-founder of Theatre Ô Parleur, he is an actor, writer and director. Strinking figure of Québec young theatre, he signed adaptations and stagings for the most important theatres of Montreal. Wajdi Mouawad is the artistic director of

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