Scientific Literacy Essay

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Scientific Literacy Scientific literacy is the knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and processes required for personal decision making. Also the participation in civic and cultural affairs, and economic productivity. Today, America has a low percentage of people who are scientifically literate. Many people argue if it is or isn't important to be scientifically literate. Although I believe that it is important, it is also proper to explain both sides. It is important to have some knowledge of basic scientific facts, concepts, and vocabulary. Those who possess such knowledge are better able to follow science news reports and participate in public discourse on science-related issues. Also, it is valuable not only in keeping up with important science-related issues, but also in evaluating and assessing the validity of any type of information. Scientific literacy helps you understand how ideas are investigated and analyzed. Many citizens do not have a firm grasp of basic scientific facts and concepts, nor do they have an understanding of scientific literacy. This is why it needs to be taught and citizens need to have it. Although other people believe that scientific literacy is not important and just another topic people debate about. Some people think that scientific discoveries aren’t important unless they affect society. Scientific literacy is about being curious and interested in the changes of the world. By people not opening up their interests more wider, Americans have lower percentages of scientific literacy. Although some people don’t believe that this is important, others disagree; and even though we may disagree with others, we all still have our own opinions. Everyone has their own opinions in the debate on weather or not scientific literacy is important. I acknowledge each side but agree with scientific literacy being important. Now,

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