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Schrag “Schoolhouse Crock” Response Essay What Schrag is arguing in the education of our youth in school is based around reforms passed by the government in response to "economic, political and social crises." (Schrag, 37) While these issues should come into play when shaping the educational curriculum, they should not be the most pressing concerns. Schrag points out that historically, school reform has been implemented in response to present social and economic crises such as the launch of the Sputnik satellite by the Russians in 1957. In this example, Sputnik acted as a catalyst for the government to reform education, stressing particular subjects such as Math and Science. "The upshot of Sputnik...was (and is) an interrupting sting of American educational reforms." Clearly, Schrag believes that this is not the correct way to implement/improve our children’s educations. Subsequently, he proceeded to write a long list of proposed educational reforms in a sarcastic/comedic fashion. In addition, Schrag argues that by reforming schools for a specific need, it shrinks the scope of overall education (I don’t think that this is an arguable statement). He points to George W. Bush's “No Child Left Behind Act.” "The military style reading and math drills prompted by President Bush's No Child Left Behind program have pushed out history, music, art and physical education and may in fact be destroying American Schools." (Schrag, 41) I agree with the last argument that Schrag presented. Because I attend Fairfield University, I think it would be contradictory to do otherwise. Fairfield is a curriculum based around a well rounded core. Before you take your major courses, you must complete a core curriculum, covering various subjects so the student is familiarized in the general education of an educated person. It is essential for the children of this country to be
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