Schlinders List Essay

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SCHINDLERS LIST The film Schindlers List depicts the great brutality of the germans in their attempt to eradicate ther jewish population. The film diverse range of symbolic images such as candles, colour and water. Numerous symbolic events portrayed in the film all lead to images and thoughts relating to the hope or lack of hope in relation to the jews. Candles are used to signify the jewish way of life. This is depicted in the opening seen in which we view a jewish family setting up for the Sabbath ceremony. Candles play a significant role in their ceremony. The candles fade and the camera follows the smoke upwards. This scene ignites the image of the crematorium in which many jews perished. As long as the candles burn the jews have a chance at ife. The candles provide a sense of hope and safety. Our view of Schindler damatically changes throughout the film into a vastly more admirable character then when we were introduced to him earlier in the film. As Schindler gained more wealth and power, he had more experiences that tested his moral fibreand the decisions he made were what changed the viewers opinion of him to view him as more admirable by the end of the film *CONTROL IS POWER! Schindler was originally seen as a selfish entrepeneur with a love of luxury and someone who thrived off the profits of slave labour during WW2. His pot factory, however, soon became a haven for jews as Schindler collected them from labour camps, mostly in poland. As Schindler went to the labour camps he would become witness to many brutal shootings of innocent and underserving jews. As the holocaust worsened Schindler heard more horrific stories which he could no longer ignore and quickly wrote up a list with the help of his financial advisor, an intelligent jew, Hzak Stern. With the names of hundreds of jews, Shindler took the list to the commandant of the labour camp and
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