Schindler's List

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The Holocaust is seen as a time of horror, filled with brutal, inhuman actions carried out by the Nazi party. The film Schindler’s list is one of the most realistic movies to show the view of the concentration camps, and also shows the view of suffering the Jews in the camps. In World War II, Germany was ruled by Adolf Hitler who wanted to put all the Jews into the camp. This film is built around the character of Schindler who appears in films as an empathetic man. He starts off as by ruling money and gaining power from it. In the beginning of the movie Schindler appears as selfish and greedy, who will do anything to get tons of money as fast as he can. In the film He planned to hire Jews to work for him because he thinks that Jews will not complained of what they will do and they will also get to pay less. By using this idea, he takes out some of the Jews who were supposed to go out to concentration camps; and started putting them in his factory to make pots, pans, and different utensil. Schindler did not really care about Jews who were about to die in the camps. Moreover he also burned all the Jews money after they left from their houses to show that he also can earn more money and he proved that by hiring Jews working for him in his factory. Moreover, Schindler sends gift baskets filled with all the goods to several different Nazi officers in order to get more workers as needed. He starts making connection with the people of Nazi’s force and chosen several Jews to work for him. He convinced Jews to work for him and some of them were chosen to be work in specific place and some were sent into ghetto and camps. Nazis were showing them a dream of getting a better life than how they are living. In reason to that Jews were convinced to leave from their hometowns. In meanwhile, the main turning point of Schindler life is to understand and accept the
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