Schindler’s List

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In the film Schindler’s List, directed by Steven Spielberg, the main character of Oscar Schindler dramatically changed into a vastly more admirable character than when we were first introduced to him. As Schindler gained more wealth and power he had more experiences which tested his moral fiber and the decisions he made were what changed the viewer’s opinions of him to see him as more admirable by the end of the film. Schindler was firstly seen as a selfish entrepreneur with a love of luxury and thrived off the profits of slave labor during World War II. His pot factory, however, soon became a haven for Jews as Schindler collected them from labor camps, mostly in Poland. As Schindler went to the labor camps he would be witness to many brutal shootings of the innocent and undeserving Jew’s. As the Holocaust worsened, Schindler heard more horrific stories which he could no longer ignore and quickly wrote up a list, with the help of his financial advisor, an intelligent Jew, Itzak Stern. With the names of hundreds of Jews. Schindler took the list to the commandant of the labor camp and demanded ‘what is one worth to you’, ‘tell me, and just tell me, what one is worth!’ This is the major turning point for the character of Schindler as we see he has realized the true value of money and life. This quote shows how he is willing to pay any amount to save the lives of the Jew’s. Schindler’s character is contrasted with the character Amon Goeth, the commandant of the labor camp. The contrast between the two emphasizes to the audience how admirable Schindler becomes. Both men reach positions of power because of the war and have many lives at their finger tips. Goeth, after a night of drinking, eating and partying, gets out of his bed and with a smoke in his mouth, idly shoots Jew’s in the camp below who are simply going about the chores they have been assigned. This horrific

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