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The story night begins in the year of 1941 with a twelve year old kid living Sighet, Romania with his family of a mother, father and a sister. Elie steadily practiced the Talmud and Jewish religion even though his father is doubtful about it because of his youth. As a result, Elie turns to Moshe the Beadle for guidance. One day Moshe is arrested by the Nazis. When he returns, he tells the villagers about how he has miraculously escaped from his torturers. The villagers and Elie don’t believe Moishe the Beadle’s story and think that he is delusional. As time goes on, the treatment of the Jews is getting worse and worse. Soon after the started moving and shipping of train car loads of Jews. Elie, his father, his sister and his mother were innocently arrested. Elie and his family to the concentration camp they arrive to a scene of depression it turned out to a crematorium or dead room for the prisoners and inmates. All they smell is the stench of burning bodies and flesh. Elie is unwontedly forced and separated way from his mother and sister, it is hard to witness but at least he still has his dad. In the all men’s camp Elie is repetitively tortured for sticking up and or fending for his father. Gradually and very slowly he begins to lose faith in God himself. Even on Jewish…show more content…
When he wakes up, he finds that his father is not in his bed. Elie regrets for his whole life that he did not watch his father until his very last moment he feels that he hasn’t passed what he call his “test”. Soon after the Russian there allies come and liberate the concentration camps. Just three days after him being freed he falls very sick and is forced to be hospitalized. When he has the strength to get out of bed he takes a look at himself and thinks that he looks like a corpse and doubts that it is him. Elie knows that for the rest of his life he will be haunted by the horror that he had seen and endure for 1

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