Survival In Auschwitz Essay

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Primo Levi’s Survival in Auschwitz illustrates humanity at an all time low. Levi paints a vivid, morbid (but analytical) picture of human suffering, helplessness, and barbarity. His personal account questions what it means to be human, how humanity is destroyed, and if it is even possible to restore it. Throughout the text, Levi states that it is worthless to have hope in the Lager, and he frequently looks down upon his peers who believe everything will be ok in the end. In Chapter 16, Levi comes to the realization that no matter the outcome, there will be no happy ending for any one of them. Before Chapter 16, there seemed to be prisoners who tried to rebel against the Germans to keep their humanity, but after the very public execution,…show more content…
In every chapter prior to Chapter 16, Levi depicts everyday life in the Lager, and he describes in great detail how he managed to survive through means like the safety acquired from his work assignment, friendships with Lorenzo and Alberto, etc. The Nazis’ primary goal was to destroy and exterminate the Jews. From Levi’s descriptive account, one gains a better understanding of the Nazi policy of Jewish dehumanization. The excruciating circumstances required the prisoners to adapt to life in Auschwitz, in order for survival. But like I said earlier, Levi was more ashamed over the fact that he was too focused on survival and realized that they lost his humanity along the way. I think Levi was being too hard on himself. Throughout the rest of the book, his humanity is present through his exchange with other prisoners, his ever-present knowledge, and his insight into others. Although this passage is glaringly honest, I do not think that he completely lost his humanity due to his will to survive. Levi admits that there were times when thought was impossible to ignore, like right before falling asleep. Every survivor endured the Nazi dehumanization in his or her own, individual manner, and if one had to put aside his or her humanity to survive, that is what one
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