Scarlet Letter Symbolism Essay

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Research on the symbolism of the “A” in The Scarlet Letter Steven Bolzenius Senior Composition, seventh Hour 14 October 2013 The Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, the scarlet letter “A” that Hester Prynne is forced to wear is a sign of her sin and charity. Nathaniel Hawthorne used this letter to represent the good and evil that every human posses. The Scarlet Letter was interpreted differently for each character. Hester chose to wear the scarlet letter with dignity and grace despite the shame and disgrace that surround her wearing the letter. Hester Prynne used the letter as an example of hypocrisy that made up the puritan church at the time. Instead of accepting the shame the townspeople force upon, Hester turned the shame back toward the church. Hester Prynne, who was scorned, chose to wear the scarlet letter “A” with the dignity and pride. We learn a lot from Hester…show more content…
She fought for Pearl as long with Dimmesdeal. The townspeople wanted to kill Pearl; they said she was the devil child. Hester never gave up on her beloved daughter Pearl. Hester Prynne would not revile the father of Pearl, she was protecting her daughter and he secret lover. Hester had trust for her lover and in her self as well. Roger Chillingworth showed disrespect in the book by plotting revenge on his wife Hester Prynne. Roger Chillingworth pretends to be studding and practicing on medicine calling him self Roger Chillingworth. He moves in with Dimmesdeal, and Chillingworth takes care of him everyday due to old age. He wants to find out more about Hester Prynne secret lover, he feels like the minster would know that information. As of Chillingworth moves in the minster slow lee begins to die. Chillingworth plans the revenge on his wife. He disrespected his wife by not telling Hester it was him all along. Chillingworth found out the secret lover is Dimmesdeal. Hester beloved one Dimmesdeal died with the kiss from
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