Scar Face Essay

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I have watched many movies throughout my life time but have never watched scar face. I ended up watching this movie in sociology class and seeing society from a different way of life. By watching Scar Face I have realized that it relates to the functionalist perspective. The movie scar face is very intense, having to do with money, power, and women. This movie has a lot of involvement with drugs, violence, and relationships. Watching the way of life in this movie has opened my eyes and helped me to realize that many of these actions that take place in the movie are very necessary to life. A couple of systems in this movie are work, money, and marriage. Tony Montana comes to the United States from Cuba to find work in the cocaine industry. Once he was here in the United States for a few months he found people to work for and to help work the cocaine business. Tony worked very hard and very fast to work himself to the top. It was necessary for Tony to be involved in the business for many reasons. He needed and wanted to make money. Coming over from Cuba, Tony did not have anything, let alone the possessions that he wanted. He was very set on money, in his eyes, once you had money; you received power, and then the women. This was Tony’s goal and he expresses it throughout the movie. This is why he came to the United States. Tony moved very quickly to the top by making big time deals. In the beginning of the movie, order was maintained by Tony working for Frank. Frank liked Tony and after awhile he was flying out of the country to make deals. Frank guided Tony in what to do and say, the supplies to get and when to get it. Once Tony learned these things, he saw what it took to run his own business and what he needed to do. After that the order was maintained by Tony himself. Tony found it necessary for him to run his own cocaine business and to have people work
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