Similarities Between Tom Buchanan And Jay Gatsby

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The roaring twenties was the beginning to a decade of a whole new caliber. The dawn of the American Dream; the idea of a wealthy, comfortable, luxurious lifestyle. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby” best shows how people strive for the American Dream and the means by which they attain it. Both Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are able to live a luxurious lifestyle. However Tom is able to enjoy spending money left and right knowing the he acquired it through inheritance while Jay struggles to acquire his wealth by any means possible. Along with money comes women and recognition amongst the two men. Both men enjoy the company of women but the difference is the degree to which they respect their relationships. Tom Buchanan has a wife,…show more content…
Both men are young and acquired their money at an early stage in their lives. Tom however acquired his money by simply inheriting it, “his family were enormously wealthy- even in college his freedom with money was a matter for reproach” (Fitzgerald 11). His birth into old money allows him to never work to gain his earnings; they are just given to him. Opposite to the means of how Tom acquires his wealth, Gatsby gains his wealth by working hard throughout his life. He gains his wealth by any means possible, from doing odd jobs, to breaking the law. “Oh I’ve been in several things, I was in the drug business and then I was in the oil business” (87), Gatsby works hard to attain his wealth no matter knowing that is could take him years to gain enough earnings, “it took me three years to earn the money that bought this house”(87). The way in which Jay Gatsby actually goes about earning his money and the amount of persistence and time it takes him, makes him a more noble man than Tom. Evidently both men differ in the way they acquire their wealth, but they also differ in the amount of respect they show towards the women in their
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