San Francisco Research Paper

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INDEX INTRODUCTION THE CLIMATE CULTURE MUSEUMS GEOGRAPHY SPORTS TIPS WHEN SHOPPING INTRODUCTION San Francisco is the financial, cultural, and transportation center of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region of more than 7.4 million people which includes San Jose and Oakland. The only consolidated city-county in California, it encompasses (abarca) a land area of 46.7 square (plaza) miles (121 km2) on the northern end of the San Francisco Peninsula, giving it a density of 17,243 people per (por medio de) square mile (6,655/km2). The City of San Francisco is the fourth most populous (populoso) city in California and the 13th most populous city in the United States, with a 2010 estimated population of 808.000. Nowadays, San Francisco…show more content…
In average, the city experiences 187 rainy days to año.55 59 The snow is extraordinarily rare, since only it has been registered 10 times in the city from 1852.60. CULTURE San Francisco characterizes for a high level of life 120 The great wealth and the opportunities generated by the Internet revolution continue attracting resident and hard-working worships and of high income to San Francisco. The humblest neighborhoods, in consequence, have experienced a process of gentrificación and many of the traditional business of the city and the industrial districts have been stimulated by the reconstruction of the Pier, including the neighborhoods of South Beach and Mission Bay. The proprietary values of the city and the income of the homes have increased up to managing to hobnob with the highest of the country, allowing to the city to support a great infrastructure of restaurants and entertainment. Due to the fact that the cost of the life in San Francisco is exceptionally high, many families of middle class already cannot allow him the luxury of living inside the city and have be it be
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