A San Diego Wild Animal Park Visit

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Animals are a big part of our world. The importance of animals is not emphasized enough by us. The connection between humans and animals is very important to human beings because they are the source of our survival. In the history of humans during the hunter and gatherer period, humans relied greatly on animals because animals were one of the few sources we had to be able to survive. I spent a day with some of my closed friends to do a small research above the behavior of two primates at San Diego Zoo Wild Animals Park. We arrived around eleven in the morning after a two hour ride. One of the highlight of my visit is the Nairobi village where the gorillas reside. The enclosure is a huge area enclosed by thick glass so visitors can observe the animals inside freely. There are about eight gorillas in the cage. The park claims their gorillas enjoy people watching as much as visitors enjoy watching them. Here are some of the facts that I can find from the tour guide, the sign outside and the class lectures. Gorilla is an endangered species. They are peaceful, family oriented, plant eating animals. They have always fascinated zoo visitors. They are one the largest of all primates. Surprisingly, no two gorillas’ noses are alike. There are two main species of gorillas, the Gorilla gorillas or the western gorillas and the Gorilla berengeis or the eastern gorillas. In nature, gorillas are found in tropical rain forests, mountain slopes and bamboo forests. Gorilla males weigh 300 to 500 pounds and females are about 150 to 200 pounds. Male height could grow up to 6 feet and female could grow up to 5 feet. In nature, a gorilla lives about thirty-five years on average. I like to compare gorillas to human and I notice many interesting differences. As I observe one of the gorillas in the cage, it’s a female because it is carrying another gorilla baby on its back. The

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