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Research paper Today’s methods of gathering evidence in the field of criminology are dramatically different from those in the recent past. Convictions made decades ago, can now, using new methodology such as DNA testing can be turned over. Had the Sam Sheppard case come to trial today, there would have been a different verdict. Dr. Sam Sheppard was born to a wealthy family of doctors on December 29, 1923 in Cleveland, Ohio. He became a neurosurgeon and worked at Bay View Hospital. He was a socialite and had an affluent life style. On the 4th of July, 1954, his wife, Marilyn Sheppard, was found murdered at their home. Doctor Sheppard was soon after arrested and accused of his wife’s murder. He denied the charge and described how he pursued the intruder, wrestled him and lost consciousness. This case was very controversial and had tremendous press coverage. According to FBI report (File 62D- CV- 2664), the evidence found at the scene of the crime and submitted to the Bay Village PD was as follow: One set of fire tongs One set news papers Two envelopes of debris (from the tongs). A request was made to the FBI that microscopic analyses should be done on the evidence for: chemical, metallurgy and fingerprint. The lab was asked specifically to determine any fingerprints, presence of blood, indentify hair and fiber; and determine manufacturer and date of tongs as well as kind of metal and weight. It was noted blood and hair samples were available at the Cuyahoga County Sherriff’s office. In addition, based on the policeman’s report, who was first at the scene of the crime, there appeared to be no forced entry but blood was found on the victim’s pillow as well as all over the floor. He also reported that the doctor’s medical back was open on the floor with the contents spilled out. Later, the corner claimed that the victim was probably killed by a surgical

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