Who Hit Reveille?

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Assignment #7 Who Hit Reveille? Vinay Jithendran 11/11/2013 BIO 111-502 Lab Lab Instructor: Matthew Markert Abstract: The examination of evidence, taken from Reveille’s hit and run accident, aided in the investigation of the perpetrator who did so. DNA, fingerprint, blood, and hair evidence was taken from the scene of the crime and compared to the testimonies of the suspects, Bikerman and Maroon Flash. The DNA evidence of the two suspects were observed, through gel electrophoresis, which produces a DNA fingerprint of the culprit. Fingerprint evidence was observed, through specific patterns in the fingerprints. Blood evidence was observed by staining samples to see whether it contains blood, through the Kastle-Meyer Blood Test. Hair evidence was observed by the color, type of root, and specific medulla patterns seen in each type of hair sample collected. In comparing the collected evidence to the testimonies given from each suspect, the offender was seen to be Maroon Flash. Introduction: The site of the accident took place when an unknown cyclist struck Reveille, while she was walking with her handler. The cyclist was able to escape the scene, but fortunately the handler was able to obtain a notebook from the perpetrator’s backpack. Witnesses on the scene stated the cyclist may have been injured during the collision¹. Two cyclists matched the descriptions given by the witnesses at the scene, Bikerman and Maroon Flash. In the testimonies of the two suspects; Bikerman admitted to have been biking on the sidewalk, but claimed Reveille wasn’t present at the time, denied possession of the notebook, and also stated he had a cut on his hand, during an intermural football game¹, Maroon Flash denied biking on the sidewalk, reported his notebook being stolen, claimed a stain on his shirt was picante sauce from a chilifest, and also stated he had a cut on his
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