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On the next day a huge crowd of Romans gathered to Tituss arch from all sides. All the citizens were celebratin a holiday. Emperor Domitian was about to dedicate the arch to his brother Titus today. At the Emperor’s order a splendid procession was led through the whole city. Many chairs were put near the arch. There Salvius, wearing a splendid toga, looked for a place when he could be easily seen. Among the horsemen who stood behind the senators, Haterius was here. He eagerly hope to win the emperors favour and he wondered what the prize that Salvius was going to receive was going to be. A huge altar was built in front of the arch, decorated by slaves with flowers. Around the altar stood twenty priests. Soothsayers were also here looking at the victims .Meanwhile the procession was slowly lef through the Sacred Way.…show more content…
Behind them came thirty young men who were taking nicely decorated bulls to the sacrifice. Then, many slaves who were carrying the treasure of the Jews, closed the first part of the procession. This treasure part had an expensive table, candle and lamp stand which were all made of gold.Seven Jewish prisoners, who were mearching in the middle of the procession, were loudly mocked by the spectators. Five boys, marched with clear faces, ignoring the shouts, but two women with tears in their eyes, begged the spectators to spare the children. After the prisoners had come, Domitian himself arrived by very splendid carriage. After the emperor went, both consuls came, one was lucius flavius

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