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Shrek Essay Part Two Shrek and Donkey visit Duloc to complain about the fairytale creatures, which have suddenly appeared in Shrek’s swamp. They plan to go and see the Prince and get them removed. Donkey knows the way to Duloc but Shrek does not. When they arrive there is a long shot of Duloc to show how big it is. There is a mid shot of the backs of Shrek and Donkey walking towards a man in a Prince Farquaad costume, but when they see Shrek he runs away screaming. They have to go through some barriers and Shrek has to go in side ways, as he is so large, Donkey has to struggle to get through the turning barriers and Shrek sighs. The audience hear the sound of the barriers and the background music. They notice that there is nobody around and Shrek comments ‘it’s quiet too quiet.’ There is a mid shot of a closed information desk and Donkey opens it and there are a lot of wooden children singing the rules of Duloc. They change the words where they would normally swear.…show more content…
There hear Lord Farquaad talking about the men risking their lives and lord Farquaad says ‘this is a sacrifice I am willing to make. This shows the audience that he is very powerful and very selfish as it should be the men saying that not him. The soldiers and because they are all so scared of Shrek they try and kill him. There is a low angle shot of Shrek hitting a solider over the heard with a chair; this makes Shrek seem a lot taller then the solider. A mid shot of Shrek opening the beer barrels to it slips up all of the soldiers. A ‘ting from Donkey finalises the fighting and the music like in a boxing ring. A two shot, Donkey and Shrek cheer when they have defeated all of the soldiers. When Shrek is fighting the soldiers there is theme music playing which makes Shrek seem bigger and better this also builds up the suspense for the audience. When Shrek and Donkey talk to lord Farquaad there is a high angle shot which make them seem

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