Comparison Between John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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What Happened In Weed? George and Lennie were in the town of Weed, walking down main street when they saw a small boy yelling “Extra! Extra! Read all about it in today's newspaper!.” The boy's yelling startled Lennie of course, because even though he has the body of a ox he has the mind of a preschool child. As Lennie gathered his wits George was walking to the child. George said “hey kid what happenin'?” the boy said “Mister the town party is happening this night, you should come you could meet a nice gir- just as Lennie walked back over he ripped the paper from the kids hands, but the boy held his grip and the paper ripped. The boy said “hey since this giant basterd ripped it your paying for it now” the boy then started to punch Lennie in…show more content…
There was dancing women in dresses with their partners, a food table, and music. George went over to the dancing area while Lennie wandered off towards the food. He got his plate and started to gather some food when he stopped at this grotesque pig looking thing on a platter when he said “whats this?” the man standing next to him said “Its rabbit” Which came as a shock to Lennie and he dropped his plate on the ground and said “Who cooks up little baby rabbits and eats em” Lennie then walks away with a disgusted look on his face. George on the other hand has not been any better by himself, he's been slapped three times for using the wrong words talking to women and punched in the stomach for bumping into a guy. When he sees Lennie walking his way. They meet and George asks “Get enough to eat” Lennie said “It was too hoppin' over there to get any food.” George began to tell Lennie something when Lennie's eyes transfixed on something, a bright red dress, he began to walk over, when George said “Lennie where ya going?” But Lennie was fixed on the dress he got close enough to touch it in fact he grabbed the dress and startled to fondle it because Lennie likes soft things he felt it and as the lady moved away she screamed because of the big man fondling her. It began to cause a big commotion, when George ran over trying to pull off Lennie but in his panic he held tighter and George had to knock him on top of his head til he let go. The women yelled rape and some people ran to the police telling there had been a raping at the town party. As that was happening George and Lennie were trying to sneak away as quietly as possible but a group of men stopped them and began to chase them, and Lennie said to George “I don't want to get hurt make them stop!” But George yelled back at Lennie “ Its' time to go Beast Mode!” and when he said that he and Lennie began to run faster and jump

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