Russell Brand - Big Brother Is Not Watching You Essay

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Engelsk A – Big Brother isn’t watching you In “Big Brother isn’t watching you”, the style of Russell Brand seems very speaking-like. His way of arguing seems very close to the way a stand-up comedian would talk to his audience. The following example shows the way Russell Brand asks a direct question to the reader almost as if he was doing a talking monolog: “Particularly in the year that Nadia won. She was the Portuguese transsexual. Remember? No?”(Line 9-10). Russell Brand style is characterised by a very high amount of humour and sarcasm. Combined with the speaking-like writing these elements create a relationship between the reader and the writer. Through self-ironic jokes about his earlier career in mainstream television-programs such as “Britains Got Talent” and “Big Brother” Russell Brand creates an ethos escape passage where he succeeds to legitimate his critic of the way societies outsiders is treated even though he today lives as an upper-class big shot in Los Angeles. Another example on how Russell Brands style is very much in contact with the reader is expressed: “Wow! Thanks guys! What a wonderful use of the planet’s fast depleting oxygen resources. Now that’s been dealt with can we move on to more taxing matters such as whether or not Jack The Ripper was a ladies’ man”(Line 51-51). By making sarcastic jokes about the politicians’ quotes on the death of Mark Duggan Russell Brand again succeeds creating a close contact to the reader. By making the reader laugh, the reader and the writer comes to an agreement that neither of them agrees with the politicians’ way of handling the situation. The whole style is very much as if Russell Brand spoke it and since he is well known stand-up comedian the intension might have been to make his well known voice come clearly through the written word. Though Russell Brand isn’t writing in the traditional
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