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Christian Hahn Mr. Smith AP English October 25, 2013 P2B The Argument against TV During the year 1999 there was an essay, written by Corbett Trubey, about how TV can be bad. The argument he is trying to make was that people should not watch a lot of TV because it is a waste of time and people should find something more productive to do. The intended audience is for college graduates that have a job or a lot of money to pay for expenses. In “Argument against TV” Trubey wants as many people to stop watching TV and enjoy the outdoor activities you could be doing other than watching TV. Trubey uses his own statistics that do not have a reliable source throughout the article. For example, he mentions that there was a study done on teenagers that 25 percent could name the city where the constitution was written while 75 percent knew where to find the zip code 90210. Some people would wonder how to even how to find a zip code in the first place. Trubey also mentions that Television has grown over the past 60 years and that it just might have been one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Even when he thinks the TV is one of the greatest inventions, he means that it is so great that it is an ad-plastered, brainwashing, individuality bleaching, stereotyping, couch-potato making tool of society. When Trubey explains the TV like that, he is saying the TV was one of the worst inventions in history and backing up his argument with the use of harsh words. “We are all unique individuals capable of free and creative thought”. Everybody wants to be on TV because you can watch famous people have fun. Adults love talking down on teenagers, and Trubey shows subjective language in the article. “The average American spends nine years of their life glued to the TV.” He compares what you could have been doing for nine years like

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