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THE RUN AWAY JURY FILM REVIEW This film relates to criminology based on the activities that were involved in it through out the episodes. The case surrounds a young Wall Street trader who was shot by an angry ex-employee who had obtained a gun with a lot of ease. Taking a look at the American legal system the issue of gun laws is not prominent. The cast line up is in a tense courtroom thriller. The actors in the film take the positions and little of a courtroom trial. (Squires, 2000, p.127) Sociology being a wide discipline, it embraces in its wings various branches among it criminology and psychology. The film involves people character who interacts and relate with others in a way that from time to time calls for recognition of sociology. Since sociology deals with the human society and what concerns and involves human beings, then involves sociology because people are social beings. Human rights and human freedoms are all subjects in sociology. On the other hand, the film relates to psychology on how the sworn in juror acts. According to the setting of the film in the courtroom, we expect the juror to be intelligent. When the juror spend several years planning for a single court trial, it only implies how psychologically prepared he is. His mind set and on gear to use the information, he has in ruling the case. (Carrabine, 2004, p.99) The person who should be leading the jury is Davidson also known as cable in the film. He is the one who have higher probability of giving the defense such a result, where the gun companies are on trial. This means the complainant Dustin Hoffman (Rohr) who is hired by the deceased man’s wife will stand in favor of the trial. His major role is to prove that the gun companies are responsible for the reckless shooting. The availability of the guns with ease is the cause of the man’s death. (Grisham, 2003, p.36) Cusack (Easter) is


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