Social Psychology Definition

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Social Psychology Definition Paper February 3rd, 2013 Psy/400 Adrian Fletcher Axia Campus University of Phoenix Social Psychology Definition Paper Social psychology is a study in which a researcher or psychologist studies individuals in their social context and is also a discipline that uses scientific methods. Social psychologist’s look at or study many social topics, some of these topics include; social perception, group behavior, conformity, leadership, prejudice, and aggression. Social psychology is not only about looking at social influences, it is also about social perception and social interaction which needs to be understood first before one is able to understand social psychology completely. Social psychology is very important to us because it allows us to study how individuals will act in different social situations. For instance; we are able to learn how stereotypes are formed, why there is racism, and also how a person’s behavior changes in different types of situations. Social psychology differs from other forms of psychology because it uses a scientific method and the empirical study of social phenomenon. General and clinical psychologies both rely on anecdotal observations and subjective interpretations. Psychologists focus on different situations and the different variables that may affect social behavior. Sociology differs from social psychology because sociology specifically looks at the different social behaviors and the surrounding influences at more of a broader view. Sociologists look at and their interests are with the institution and also the different cultures that influence how people behave. Psychologists or researchers use many different scientific methods to conduct their research in social psychology. Some examples of these methods are; descriptive research- shows what may already exist within a group.
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