John Diamond Case Analysis

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On December 1, 2008, an innocent woman, Trudi Doyle, was shot twice in the chest, causing her death. It has been determined that the rounds were fired from the gun of John Diamond, her alleged lover. Skepticism comes into play when concluding whether or not this shooting was malicious or involuntary. Based on the testimonies of multiple witnesses from both the commonwealth and the defense, I have declared the defendant, John Diamond, guilty of murder in the first degree. The commonwealth started off the trial with their first witness, Dr. Jane Pierce, the coroner who inspected Trudi Doyle’s corpse. The bullet holes were obvious, but within the second wound was a bracelet fragment from the bracelet on the left wrist. This discovery suggests that the victim was shielding herself from the second shot. It was also revealed that there were no powder burns on the body, meaning that Trudi had no contact with the gun with the shots were fired. The second witness was an employee at the Truck Stop Café where the murder took place. Beth Kelley was a co-worker and good friend of Trudi’s, and had lived with her for six months. She was unaware of any emotional issues of the victim, and problems in their relationship. She did however know that there had been some debate of Trudi moving with Mr. Diamond to the west in the last few days of her life, and noticed the appearance of the two arguing the…show more content…
Other witnesses enlightened the jury on the unusual position of John Diamond’s gun on the morning of the murder. It was loaded, cocked, and in the waist band of the experienced police officer and marine. The defense called upon witnesses that concurred in Mr. Diamond teaching Trudi ways in which to disarm a person with a weapon when she felt threatened. This statement brings up another point for why the second round went through her wrist, she was trying to disarm her lover in fear of her

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