Rules Of The Game By Amy Tan

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Q: Why does Waverly come to see her mother as her opponent? “Rules of the Game” Essay In Amy Tan’s short story, “Rules of the Game,” Waverly comes to see her mother as her opponent as she struggles to free herself from the power her mother has over her. Waverly has the ability to beat the best chess players, but once her mother gets inside her head, she begins to doubt herself. Waverly feels this way when her mother pressures her, and tells her that she needs to play chess better. Waverly cannot focus on her chess playing because her mother continues incessantly to push her to improve her game. However, Waverly wants to play well while also enjoying the game. She wishes to convince her mother that she should not be so judge mental when she does not even know how to play the game. Because her mother is hard on her, Waverly feels like her mother is not on her side, but they are both working towards the same goal, just like a chess game. Trying to avoid her mother’s ridicule is like trying to win a mental game of chess. Hence, at the end of the story, in the “imaginary chess game,” Waverly’s mother is symbolically sitting across from her as her opponent. Waverly feels her mother’s chess pieces are advancing across the board, pushing Waverly’s pieces off, thereby winning the chess game. Waverly feels so disconnected from her mother that she feels as if she is flying away. She feels she has lost her skills and her mother. Obviously this game is not

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