Tiger Mother Essay

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s Amy a good mother or a bad mother or both? Amy Chua is a good mother. A good mother is defined as someone who loves their kids and is willing to do anything to see them succeed. This is exactly what she did her entire life. The book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is written by Amy. She provides the reader with various examples of how she raised her kids. She talks about raising them under a traditional Chinese parenting style while living in the United States. From an American perspective, Amy is seeing as a strict mother. From a Chinese perspective she is seen as a mother who was not strict enough. This cultural clash makes it hard for Amy to successfully raise her daughters without being judged. Throughout the book, Amy describes herself as a Chinese mother. A Chinese mother is a term used to describe a mother who believes that academics should be a main priority and getting less than an A is unacceptable, participating in sports would never be as good as playing the piano or violin, and attending sleepovers or participating in school plays is something they should not even think about, because the answer would always be a no. For someone raised under the western parenting style this is something completely absurd, since this is not letting the kid have a “normal childhood”. The kid does not have the opportunity to do what he finds interesting and he does not enjoy his childhood to the fullest. If we define a good mother as someone who wants their child to be happy, Amy would be considered a horrible mother. Ever since Amy and Sophia were young they were forced by their mother to play an instrument. Most kids, rather play a sport or go outside and hang out with their friends but in this case they were had to practice the piano/violin so they could become the best of the best. As they got older the amount of pressure they received from their mom only

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