Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparisons

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Sohail 1 Ghania Sohail Mrs. Raun-Calhoun ENG2D1 November 8, 2011 *Romeo and Juliet Essay:* William’s Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story of two star-crossed lovers who cannot be together due to their feuding families. In the end, being apart was too much for them to bear and their lives were the consequence. This popular play has been re-done many times as a movie, including renditions by Franco Zeffirelli (1968) and Baz Luhrmann (1996). Both movies are quite loyal to the play’s original plot with many of the same events, deaths, people and tragedies. That is where the similarities between the two movies end because Zeffirelli created a very literal adaptation of the play whereas Luhrmann decided to do a modern 20th century version by having the story set-up in a present day environment. Zeffirelli incorporates old style costumes, sets and props into his film while Luhrmann has contemporary clothing styles, props and scenery. Zeffirelli’s authentic approach makes it easier for readers to imagine what the play must have looked like when it was performed back in Shakespeare’s time and it makes the play and script feel as if it is coming to life in front of your very eyes. Meanwhile, Luhrmann’s version turned out quite odd because though he has kept the Shakespearean language, it is actually a counterbalance to the modernized theme. It seems strange that people in our time now, who dress and act in a contemporary fashion, would speak in such a way. It makes the movie very unbelievable. Therefore, Zeffirelli’s version of Romeo and Juliet is more authentic and convincing than Luhrmann’s version because of Zeffirelli’s use of costume and prop, set design and overall light atmosphere. To begin with, the first thing Zeffirelli did better than Luhrmann was the settings he created in the scene because he has old, worn out and historic places that fit
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